Sioux City

Sweeter than most ginger beers, Sioux City manages to balance nicely with its medium spice. It’s a decent ginger beer that mixes well with rum.

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Finding a bottle of Sioux City was a bit of a coup. While the Sioux City brand is well known for making Root Beer I was surprised when I found a bottle of their ginger beer at the Bristol Farms Market below the San Francisco Westfield Mall. The makers at White Rock Beverages seem to be keeping this particular product on the down low because its not even listed on their website.

If you have a good set of eyes you’ll be able to read the small type on the bottle cap where the ingredients are listed. Unfortunately, second on the list is the dreaded high fructose corn syrup. Further along with you’ll find a couple head scratches like modified food starch and brominated vegetable oil. With ingredients like these it was not a surprise to find this ginger sweeter than most. Although its got some bite it manages to find a nice balance creating an overall sweet ginger taste. While we find a few of the ingredients suspect, Sioux City is a decent ginger beer that manages to mix well with rum.