Prince Neville’s

Containing “raw ginger” and lacking carbonation, this beverage has more in common with raw drinks like Kombucha and is not recommended as a cocktail mixer. A sweet introduction, with notes of pineapple and ginger candy, lead to a hardy spice.

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Brewed locally in San Francisco, Prince Neville’s is not your standard ginger beer. It contains “raw ginger”, lacks carbonation, and is stamped with an expiration date. In fact, this beverage may have more in common with raw drinks like Kombucha than a cocktail mixer. Packaged in a plastic bottle it has a dark brown appearance which differentiates it from anything else labeled ginger beer. Our first impression after taking a swig is a sweet flavor, with notes of pineapple and ginger candy coming through. But after the initial pleasantries things got a bit questionable. This sweet introduction led to a hardy spice. It keeps you warm but it can be a harsh–scoring an 8 on the spice scale. And without any carbonation it’s a poor partner for Goslings Black Seal Rum, too watery and too tropical. Our conclusion was Price Neville’s is a decent drink but due to its unique nature and tropical flavors its not suited for a Dark n’ Stormy.