Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Appropriate given its taste, lemon is placed ahead of ginger on the ingredient list— its tart flavor can suck the moisture out of your mouth. Rachel’s is a decent soda but not ideal for a cocktail.

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Rachel’s ginger beer is a small batch ginger, locally brewed in Seattle since 2010. It’s an attempt to create a British style ginger beer with a personal touch and has been getting rave reviews from the local papers. The bottle, with its bold logo set in Arial – all caps, jumped out at me while browsing the foodie mecca of Pike Place Market. My excitement only grew when I found the makers had hand-written an expiration date of only two months after brewing. Rachel choose to craft her ginger out of the basics: Filtered sparkling water, lemon, ginger, and pure cane sugar. Appropriately, lemon is placed ahead of ginger on the list of ingredients as it commands your attention while sipping. One of our judges noted that the tart lemon flavor “sucks the moisture out of my tongue.”

When mixed into a D&S Rachel’s was able to provide an excellent canvas for storm clouds. But the rum could not dampen the flavor of lemon, leaving our tasters puckering at each sip. In the end, Rachel’s was a decent soda but our judges felt it would be better categorized as a ginger infused lemonade than a typical ginger beer.