Jackson Hole Ginger Beer

Lacking spice; with a medicinal scent, and a clear appearance, we liken Jackson Hole to a flat cream soda.

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Immediately our tasters were suspect of the Jackson Hole ginger beer as its list of ingredients failed to include ginger. In the plus column, however, it does contain real cane sugar as opposed to the high fructose corn syrup used to sweeten many ginger beers. With the scent described as medicinal, the appearance as clear, and the spice as lacking (scoring a 1 – very low – on the spice scale) it was obvious our judges were not taking kindly to this batch-brewed soda. A few even felt it was improper to classify this is a ginger beer and likened it as more akin to a flat cream soda.

Due to its clear consistency, a distinct lack of “storm clouds” was observed when mixed into a dark n’ stormy. As a rum partner it faired poorly – seemingly watering down the alcohol rather than enhancing it. Forced to score this drink as a ginger beer, our judges presented Jackson Hole with low marks and quickly moved onto the next beverage.