Fever Tree

Empty bottle of Fever Tree next to lime

First thing to do when you get your hands on the 6.8 oz bottle of Fever Tree’s Ginger Beer is to tip it upside down. That way the natural sediment mixes through the entire bottle turning the once clear liquid cloudy. Presumably, the spice cloud that sits at the bottom consists of ginger root which is sourced from Nigeria, Cochin, and Ivory Coast. The rest of the ingredients are refreshingly simple: spring water, cane sugar, natural flavor, ascorbic acid. The founders of Fever Tree, a British-owned company, have crafted an entire line of mixers designed to compliment high-end spirits. But along with the quality ingredients comes a premium price, costing close to twice as much as other ginger beers.

Immediately our tasters recognized this to be a contender for highest scoring ginger. The perfect amount of carbonation tickles the back of your throat with each sip. Neat, this ginger is the best drinker we came across. Starting sweet it lures you in, then wakes you up with a kick of ginger on the finishes. We applaud the brew master on the balance that was struck between sweet and spice. While you certainly taste the fresh ginger in each bottle at no point does it overpower or outstay it’s welcome. With and without rum this ginger beer is hands down the winner of our tasting. The only question that remained was whether or not it would score higher than our previous favorite Bunderberg? With a perfect 10 given by one of our judges, Fever Tree edged out Bunderberg moving into the top slot among all ginger beers tasted by our judges.

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