Captain Eli’s

The sweet sugar cane in this beverage is too strong, muting the ginger flavor. It’s best described as a “bad soda.”

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Captain Eli's ginger beer

It’s rather astonishing how a ginger beer can go so wrong with little more ingredients than water, cane sugar, and natural ginger flavor. You almost get the feeling the marketing department at Shipyard Brewery, the makers of Captain Eli’s, have never actually sampled their product. How else can you explain the outrageous claim that this is a “well balanced combination of spicy ginger and sweet sugar cane.” Our tasters found the sweet sugar cane was too strong muting the little bit of ginger flavour. Coming in with a weak spice scale (3) we were left scratching our heads when trying to compile a list of flavor notes, in the end we settled on describing the taste as “bad soda”. At least that was better than the runner up “lighter fluid”.